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We were struggling to find a CECL solution that would work for our loan portfolio until Banker’s Caddy provided us with a demo showing us how, with just a simple upload of our loan file, our CECL calculation could be performed using historical and peer information in a matter of hours!  Now all we have to do is provide the qualitative factors and specific allocations and the calculation is complete!  Add to that the Market Analytics reports with performance analysis, statistics, and graphs comparing us to peers and top performers and our Board looks forward to receiving the results each quarter. With the support provided by the Briden team, I have confidence our regulators will be pleased with our CECL calculation and our understanding of how we get there.

Janet Hill

Executive Vice President, Colorado Bank and Trust Company

Our bank began using the Banker’s Caddy Liquidity Stress Test in 2023, when liquidity become a top banking industry concern.  Just recently completed a safety and soundness exam and our bank received high compliments from the examiners on the Banker’s Caddy tool.  The tool is user friendly and allows bank management to run numerous scenarios for liquidity stress testing.  This specific tool and the reports has improved the discuss with my board regarding liquidity.  The Banker’s Caddy team has also provided great technical support.  I would highly recommend the Banker’s Caddy Liquidity Stress Test to any community bank looking to deepen their dive into bank liquidity.

Chas D. Moeller

President, Alamosa State Bank

The Bankers Caddy solution for CECL is simple!  Before we saw a demo for Banker’s Caddy I had participated in demos from a hand full of other companies, and all of them were going to take a lot of work from us to get the solutions set up and working.  Banker’s Caddy took all of the confusion out of it and has been the perfect solution for our bank!

Carrie Hutcherson

Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer, F&C Bank

Bankers Caddy has been very easy to work with and very helpful in all aspects of the company. They are quick to respond with any questions we may have. Data provided to us is very helpful and allows us to measure key metrics in a more efficient way than we would be able to internally. 

Tom Hansen

Commercial & Ag Lender, Cleveland State Bank

The model is user friendly. It was a very simple set up and has met expectations.  Provides us with estimates and explanations needed. Other products seemed much more complex and cost much more.

Paula Bodkin

Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, Eva Bank

Our initial impressions after working with the Bankers Caddy CECL platform?  A great program that we feel checks all the boxes on our regulators’ list of requirements.  Simple and straight-forward, and allows us the flexibility to customize the program for our bank’s unique portfolio characteristics and our local economy.

Chalmer Dettler

President, Farmers and Merchants State Bank

Pleasantly surprised with the ease of implementation.  Exporting data from our core provider to Banker’s Caddy was a non-issue.  Working with the staff at Banker’s Caddy has been one-on-one allowing for ease of set up and implementation.   Cost— of all the solutions reviewed, Banker’s Caddy provided what is required at a fair cost.

Dale Klock

Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Association