Regulators have stressed over and over that community banks do not need to over-complicate the CECL requirements, but we also hear that it is the most sweeping change to bank accounting in decades.  Our model translates all of the theory and vague guidance into an actual solution that is simple enough to understand but sophisticated enough to meet regulatory requirements. This does not need to be complicated or expensive. 

Clear Layout

Your CECLcomp home page will give you an overarching snapshot of the entire report.  With one click you can download a summary of the report for your directors. You can drill down into the loan and pool level life of loan and reserve calculations to see where every number is coming from.  Quickly access and edit your specific allocations and see the effects reflected immediately in your reserve number.  

Statistically Meaningful Historical Data

Many models on the market today simply do not make sense for community banks because there is not enough data to make them meaningful.  For this reason, we analyze robust historical loss information by loan type based on a large group of similarly sized financial institutions in the area.  This gives you a much more comprehensive and statistically meaningful look at loan loss trends, especially for pools where you might have little to no losses.  

Understand Your Projections

We provide customized forecasts for each loan type based on objective leading economic indicators from the Federal Reserve database for your specific peer group.  Every forward looking adjustment is graphed out so you can clearly explain to board members and regulators where these numbers are coming from.